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Overwhelmed by paperwork?

I’ll Take Care Of Your Books AND Find The Hidden Profit Levers In Your Biz
So You Can Get More Done In Your Day - Without Getting Boggled By Numbers!

If you own or run a salon, you know one of the biggest problems is finding the time to get OUT of the salon. Let alone to do the books! The daily busyness of business, staff management and customer service leave you worn out and exhausted.  There’s never seems to be enough time in the day, right?


Not to mention the handling of endless questions from your staff. The headache of figuring out payroll. And the uncertainty of all the different tax rules and regulations you don’t want to get wrong.


And if you’re struggling to make more profit or have staff turnover problems – the last thing you want to do is focus on the numbers. You need to focus on the marketing, customer acquisition, and staff training side of things. The critical business BUILDING tasks…


You need to be ‘out there’ as the face of your business, not swamped with paperwork in the back office (or kitchen table)!

Until now!


  • Imagine working alongside someone who knows bookkeeping and salon practices inside-out.

  • Someone who grew their own business to over 120 clients in just one year.

  • Someone who understands the numbers and LOVES doing the things you don’t!


If you want personalised and specialised help to sort out the books, answer questions, and find new ways to make more profit… let’s have a chat!


My passion is helping salon owners build the business of their dreams and live their best lives beyond the burden of ‘doing the books’. 


At Book Metrics, I look beyond the basics and find those untapped levers that could make BIG differences to your bottom line. I can assess your product lines, services and pricing structures, costs and non-negotiables, and provide new ideas, systems, and processes to ensure clients keep coming back and you stay ahead of the bills!


  • Wouldn’t life be just that bit easier if you didn’t have to worry about your books being done the right way?

  • Wouldn’t it feel great to lift that burden from your shoulders so you could focus on other, more exciting things?

  • Wouldn’t it be easier to grow your business based on reliable data and a simple bookkeeping system?


Even if you already have a bookkeeper, I encourage you to reach out to me. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing out on until a new set of eyes looks over your numbers!


The first two steps in my process are a no-obligation meet and greet, then a review of your current system. From there you can decide if we’d be a good fit for working together.


I could go on to tell you how my clients call me “easy to communicate with” and “a great listener”.


But you can decide for yourself when we have a chat. 😉


If you want to get more time back in your day, and trust your books are being done by someone who truly understands your needs - firsthand. Simply click the link below to book a time that best suits you.

Hi there, I’m Stacey, and I help salon owners sort out their books, systemise their payroll and find the hidden profit levers in their numbers.

But bookkeeping is only the beginning of my super-powers! 

I’m a mum, I’m a wife, and I’m also a hairdresser myself. I‘ve worked in various boutique salons and have seen firsthand the stress and demands on salon owners… ‘doing the books’ and crunching the numbers just adds to the pressure and overwhelm. 

Enlisting a bookkeeper is a wise decision! And maybe you’ve had others help you before– but my bet is that they could only do the basics. Invoices. Wages. BAS.

They didn’t understand the realities of running salons. They couldn’t help you find the hidden profit levers in your numbers by understanding the TRUE nature of the business…

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